Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Use S.M.A.R.T. monitoring

Chris Noble wrote:

larrytusaz wrote:

Is there someway to sort of predict hard drive failure, software that does this for you etc?

You should periodically test (Functionality, SMART, free sectors) each of the HDDs (SATA & USB) that are connected to your computer. The manufacturers have SW on their websites and there is also a Windows utility. I do it once a month. You can do it in the background.

Completely agree with the above.
It has been mentioned a couple of times, but using SMART monitoring is essential to keep track of the health of your hard drives.
All modern drives support SMART and the monitoring software is free, both from drive manufacturers and third party suppliers.
SMART keeps track of a number of parameters of your drive, like temperature, spin-up time and number of remapped sectors. Based on this it can give an estimate of the projected failure date for the drive, thus enabling you to take action before the event.

Another thing is, a lot of the disk failures in these external drives are caused by poor ventilation of the drive housing, causing overheating of the disk.
Where possible choose a drive which has a fan (not so easy these days) and always disconnect and/or power down the drive when not in use.

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