A58/A57 raw 800iso

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Allan Olesen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
Re: A58/A57 disregard the first link..sorry

brian14478 wrote:

though not direct comparisons, one a previous owner and the other had and shot/tested the a57.

both concluded the new sensor/processor to be an improvement over the 16.1 generation sensor and bionz processor.(at least compared to the a57)

It of course depends on what you want to compare. But if you want to compare noise, the differences between modern sensors are much too small to be seen unless you very carefully take the photos and compare them under controlled conditions.

Failing to do this (and even dpreview.com and imaging-resource.com fail to do it properly in their photo comparisons), your result will reflect differences in the way the photos were taken, not differences between sensors.

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