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Re: The D200 just gets it right without too much fiddling

Trevor G wrote:

It's only 0.3EV, but it still makes a difference. When the red channel clips, as it did in Stacey's case, that changes the colour of red objects to magenta or pink, usually. It also messes up the overall look of an image.

OK I'll explain this one last time. This morning I uploaded another D7000 image shot the same time as the first D7000 shot, this new one was exposed another .3 lower. Nothing is clipping in this histogram on the high end but this image looks horrible, underexposed, flat and is now clipping the shadows.I would never pick an image like this to print out of a bracketed set of images but you said ".3EV fixed all the problems" and obviously it doesn't.

Stop looking at the exp compensation in the exif, these were shot in manual mode, exp compensation does -absolutely nothing- when bracketing exposure in manual mode. One D7000 was shot at f5.6 1/320 with slight red channel clipping (no worse than the D200 shot), this other was shot at f5.6 1/400 which is the .3EV less exposure you said was the sole problem. This isn't rocket science.

And also note when I pull the exposure WAY down on the D7000 shot (2/3 EV less than D200 shot), the red petal on the left is still a mush of solid color with no detail, the shot has much less contrast in the mid tones yet now has blown the shadows on the blue channel. Again this mid tone saturation problem is NOT exposure related.

You/she/we cannot compare the output of any cameras unless both are exposed so that no channels clip.

OK the above D7000 shot is .3EV lower like you said would make it look the same as the D200 image, Sorry it doesn't even look close to me. The reds are much more vibrant in the D200, especially looking at the brighter petal on the right side of the crop.

And don't bring up focus points again, I was shooting these to demonstrate color not image sharpness or that this was a great subject matter. The focus point was the same on all these shots but AF accuracy has nothing to do with this discussion.

Again the above D7000 image doesn't have any clipping in the highlights, actually the D200 image shows more clipping of the red channel in the histogram, but the red petal of the flower isn't mushed into a solid tone like the D7000 sample is and this D7000 image isn't something I would display anywhere (bad subject matter but I'm talking about the "look" it has). Horrible contrast, poor color saturation etc yet now is clipping the shadows on the blue channel, +1/3EV and the red channel does. I could change the WB to try to keep any of the channels from clipping or trying to desaturate the red channel but then the colors would get weird. Like I said before, the WB is already set on the cool side to tone down this red channel problem. If I get it as warm as the D200 shot, the red channel would be even worse.

And we haven't even started on skin tones.

Then we start talking about "well you can fix all this from the raw file using the right raw converter". Yes you can fix this one image but if you apply this correction to a whole batch of images, you will make the others worse. I end up having to spend piles of time in raw conversion software, doing localized adjusting etc on each image to fix this stuff. there is no batch raw conversion that corrects this stuff. The d200 I can usually print the jpeg with maybe a touch of PP in photoshop, mainly some sharpening and maybe some levels adjustments.

Finally, you can not agree with what I believe about these two cameras but stop insulting people here like we are a bunch of morons that don't know what a histogram is or how to set exposure properly. I've shot weddings, done commercial product photography, shot with large format landscapes, worked in a wet color lab etc. I've been doing this for over 30 years. Some of the insults and cheap shots you have thrown around to various people in this thread were simply uncalled for.

You asked for images and like I expected NOTHING will satisfy you as a valid test shot.

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