Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

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Re: Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

35 mm film is derived from the motion picture film which was 35 mm wide (including perforations on both sides).  The 35 mm negative was 36 x 24 mm--with the 24 mm being the amount of usable film between the sprocket perforations on each side.  Movies had the film running vertically thru the camera and projector so that the film part of a 35 mm movie image was about 24mm wide x 18 mm high.  The 35 mm camera runs the film horizontally with the perforations at the top and bottom with the 24 x 36 mm film size. (there were also square --24 x 24 mm and half frame 18 x 24 in smaller cameras.    35 mm movie film was cheap and easy to obtain.  The cassettes were easy to handle--where as most other film sizes had the film backed with paper to keep light off the film.  The cassettes were also much easier to change and store than 120 film etc.

As for the first mirrors used in cameras--sorry but no one is alive when that was started in the 1826/27 era in the Camera Obscura where artists traced off the ground glass.    1860's the first photographic single lense mirror reflex was patented.  The first production 35mm mirror camera was the Exakta in 1936.  Penta prisims etc came a bit later.

As for what the human eye sees--the normal field of vision for both eyes is about 200 degrees.  Each eye going from about 60 degrees (nasally) inward to 90 to 100 degrees (temporally) outward. The area of sharpest vision is only about 15 degrees where there is the greatest concentration of cones (Macula or Fovea Centralis)   The 50 or 35 mm equivalent lens are more what our perception of clear vision is in front of us, rather than scientifically measured visual fields.

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