Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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What people seem to miss here is that the lens is what it is and the resolution of the sensor really has no influence on that. The lens has a special frequency response (in lines/mm). If the camera resolution is significantly more than that then the camera resolution won’t significantly influence the resolution of the cascaded system (sensor+lens).

Good point (in theory) but it would make the limits of the lens all the more obvious. I can only refer to the example of the Nikon 14-24G lens, which looked outstanding (corner to corner) on a 24 mpx sensor, but less so on a D800. So at this point, throwing a higher res sensor at the lens will only make the flaws more obvious.

I did not see the example , but the 24 Mp sensor would be APS-C (DX) which does not use the corners of the lens. That 24 Mp sensor pixel density would give 56 Mp FF. A 56 Mp FF sensor should look "outstanding" with that lens, except in the corners.


The camera I was referring to was the D3X, which is FF 24 mpx, so yes, it does use the corners. The lens in very good on the D800/E, but not sure I would describe it as "outstanding".

I forgot about that one. Was it only in the corners the D800/E was not as good as D3X?

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