Any mft's shooters thinking of jumping ship for FF nex

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You're correct - I ignored your question about a P&S like LX7

EEmu wrote:The sensitivity of the 5DIII and E-M5 are very similar. You could have found that easily enough, but you seem to want to just assume that I was wrong and launched into some irrelevant discussion from there. Heck, you just decided to ignore my question about whether a digicam (i.e. small sensor cam like the LX7) is at ISO 400. Or are you honestly trying to say that some magic tech is going to happen that overcomes two stops of physics for m43 but doesn't work for FF?

The reason I ignored it is that it's completely irrelevant.  The LX7's sensor is a tiny fraction of the size of a Micro 4/3 camera and  Point and Shoots are not optimized for performance with a range of lenses, they are tightly coupled to a single lens, and the performance of the sensor need only match the lens it's coupled with for life.  Interchangeable lens cameras are, inherently different animals.

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