HP Printers?

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Re: HP Printers?

savonie wrote:

I have to ask-

What exactly do you do that you need so many printers of

different makes and models?

Most of them except for the Canons and the Artisan were purchased used, the majority would have been tossed by many, I serviced them and got them back to nearly mint condition.

I print for local organizations and schools. I was an active duty combat photographer since 1969 ( served 21 years ) and now that I've finally fully retired, I now do commercial work as well as events, I do image restoration locally for a couple of historical societies and individuals which that alone supports all of my printers and supplies, and I also shoot a lot simply for my own pleasure. I also teach printing techniques at local photography clubs. So basically have saved them from the landfill and I am constantly looking for any more deserving printers.

It's the best fun I've had to this day!


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