Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

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Re: Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

Aaron Sur wrote:

Looks like you need a titanum chain instead of a camera strap mate.Thirteen years ago I had a couple of blokes try to divest me of my coolpix 990 in Central Park,luckily I got away with the camera.Just clarifying here the ND filter is the one built into the camera not a screw in lens version. Thanks for your reply.

Sadly, the first Oly stolen was from the safe of a hotel. You're lucky that the only thing they wanted in the park was your Coolpix, though I have wandered quite safely there.

Thanks for the ND reminder. If the sun ever comes out here early next week I will use it down by the ocean. I have a polarizer, sky and UV that I can use with the camera. I suspect the only one I use will be the polarizer, though I am happy to be educated on that.


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