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Re: The D200 just gets it right without too much fiddling

Pangloss wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

Pangloss wrote:

That's exactly my point: you like playing with RAW files (or "fiddling"), whereas Stacey and I would rather just spend time shooting with a camera that doesn't require so much fiddling with exposure and tone curves to get things right - the D200, as it happens.

Actually, if people use the onboard histogram they can get any camera exposing correctly. That's why the +/-EV control is included.

You use the on-board histogram don't you?

Isn't that entirely off-topic?

Hello Andrew

May I courteously suggest that you actually read the subject matter of each post, rather than just go by the thread or post titles?

Stacey_K wrote in her opening post, first line:

"OK people keep asking for examples of why I like the output of this camera over my D7000 at base iso."

Her examples, as did the ones from John Moyer in another thread, show over-exposure (through not checking the in-camera histogram during/after shooting or before posting the images to DPR) from the D7000.

It's only 0.3EV, but it still makes a difference. When the red channel clips, as it did in Stacey's case, that changes the colour of red objects to magenta or pink, usually. It also messes up the overall look of an image.

You/she/we cannot compare the output of any cameras unless both are exposed so that no channels clip.  Very few, if any, cameras expose to 0EV reliably on all sorts of scenes without +/-EV Compensation.

The Nikons include a very useful RGB+L histogram feature - there is no excuse for anyone to have in their collection, leave alone display in a forum for critical evaluation, an over-exposed image.

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