Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

David Hull wrote:

What people seem to miss here is that the lens is what it is and the resolution of the sensor really has no influence on that. The lens has a special frequency response (in lines/mm). If the camera resolution is significantly more than that then the camera resolution won’t significantly influence the resolution of the cascaded system (sensor+lens).

Good point (in theory) but it would make the limits of the lens all the more obvious.   I can only refer to the example of the Nikon 14-24G lens, which looked outstanding (corner to corner) on a 24 mpx sensor, but less so on a D800. So at this point, throwing a higher res sensor at the lens will only make the flaws more obvious.

Your theory also excludes the diminishing returns that come with squeezing that many photo sites onto a 35 mm sensor.

It is as if you played your CD player through a phone line it would have a significant influence on the sound you heard. If on the other hand you played it through a channel that had bandwidth out to 500 kHz all you would hear is how good the CD machine sounded.

False analogy because our only trained ears will pick up the inadequacies of the CD machine, whereas untrained eyes would easily pick u the inadequacies of the lens.

I don’t get the “sensor out resolves the lens thing”; ideally that is what you want at least up to the point where you reach some point of diminishing returns and are wasting money on the sensor (as in my Audio example above).

I agree. And it it more than likely that this will be

Even 75MP would be more like a mosaic than an analog image of the lens' projection, for a moderately sharp lens.

Wrong. Before you get to the mosaic, you begin to see the inadequacies of most lenses.

Of course, but the imperfections of the sensor are gone. You can finally toss the AIF for example (since the lens has become one).

Fair enough, but with the imperfections of the sensor gone, you then have to deal with the imperfections of the lens.

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