Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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SubPrime wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

That is so hilarious. Canon owned the high pixel count 35mm dSLR market from 2002 through 2007. They aren't going to "give up" on it calling it not their market.

I am only reporting what I was told. I agree it makes sense for Canon to roll out a high res camera.

They announced a working aps-h image sensor about 2 years ago that was 120 MP.

Yes, that was a one off R&D project, not related to any camera or product as I recall.

Just because it didn't go into a consumer product doesn't mean it wasn't valuable for them to produce and have working.

Canon is certainly working on something big to be their flagship camera again. It seems they want to get it right and make it big and not do the 38 MP.

So the rumors would suggest. The fact remains that there are diminishing returns to packing more pixels into a sensor, both from tech POV of the sensor and the lenses.

Adding pixels increases the resolution.  The only way to gain resolution is to redesign lenses which result, from Canon's offerings, in significant price increases.

Again, I am only reporting what I was told.

And salesmen want to sell what they have in stock too.

True, but again, no one in eh market for a 1DX is going to wait 12 months for something bigger.

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