Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

Started Jul 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

yray wrote:

This is not where D200 shines. In this type of environment I would pick D7000 (or even D300) over D200 any time. D200 leans too much toward yellow under artificial lighting, and I don't think it is a WB issue. Also, the acuity is not that great either. Under abundant natural light it is a very different story, and D200 holds its own there very well with its beautiful vibrant colors.

Many of the street lamps are Low-pressure sodium which have no colours, and are only one narrow band, averaging at 589.3nm wave length (Monochromatic).

Thankfully this is changing to LED lighting etc.


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