Some Focus Peaking Test Shots - Wide Angle Tests

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Some Focus Peaking Test Shots - Wide Angle Tests

I know I am probably be sorry for posting this but what the heck.

Below are a few shots focused using FP with EVF, NOT using 3x mag. I wanted to see how well I could trust it for focusing on images with a wide angle lens where there was a foreground and background to focus on. Ideally FP would be wonderful for these type of shots making thing quick and easy (easier)

I do not specifically remember exactly what each looked like but I took the shot to test how well I can trust this feature. So I focused without looking at the focus ring or using 3x mag. The manual lenses used seemed ideal - Voigtlander 15mm and Rokonin 8mm fisheye.

My conclusion, for the moment at least, is simply this - Do not put all your faith in this feature. It works but not perfectly and not always. The best results will likely come from relying on old school methods of trusting your own senses by looking closely (using 3x mag) at key areas and double checking your focus rings as you might think the foreground is sharp since it is lit up, but it may or may not be. Contrasty areas may easily get lit up but that does not necessarily mean it is in sharp focus. So knowing this going in may help save an important shot.

These are jpegs, Astia, resized and slightly sharpened. No need to look at original as my conclusions are generalized and taken from the full size. Resizing helps make them sharper and very acceptable for web use. My overall point is these lenses, properly used can do better when properly focused. So again, it is useful but do not put 100% trust in new fangled electronic gizmos. FP is just another tool in your bag, it is up to photographer to learn how the camera sees and to hone his/her skills to achieve consistently great results.

15mm set to f/8 and 8mm set to f/4.5

Parking lot perfect but lens cap is soft - but lit up nicely. So likely focused closer to infinity. Never would have happened if I looked that focus ring or used 3x mag (I should have switched to Provia for more DR in sky even though this is DR200)

Just soft everywhere - lens should be focused at infinity but FP seemed to have me focus too close for sharp picture

Perfect sharp foreground - got what exactly what I wanted.

Near foreground blurred, middle foreground very sharp.

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