Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

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Re: Can someone share a history or origin of why 35mm FL was the "chosen one" in the first place?

There have been two flavors of attempts to answer :

one flavor goes on about the 35 mm film of the good old film days which produced 36 by 24 mm images on film and has survived as FF in the digital age. Note that the image was 36 by 24mm on a film that was and still is called 35mm or 135 format on the box. Odd fit.

Then of course there are all sorts of 35 mm lenses, giving different angles of view depending on the size of the sensor and/or the film in the camera. Calling a 35 mm lens a natural view lens hinges very much on the sensor/film size. A natural human eye angle of view is somewhere in the 50 (?) degree range or nearby (?). It would be much better if we all switched this focal length silliness and talked about angle of view instead and how the angle of view equates to a certain focal length for a certain format ... , but that is usually judged too conscientious a way to think about it.  But when realized this way, we would actually understand. Then we would also have to specify which angle of view we meant:  diagonal, horizontal or vertical angle, depending on our camera and on its aspect ratio of  square or 4:3 or  5:4 or 6 by 7 (Mamiya) or 3 by 2  and so forth.

So we just talk about normal lenses at 35 mm for APC-C format and of normal lenses at 80mm focal length for Rolleis etc as they give us each an angle of view of around 50 degrees.

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