Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

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Re: Nikon D200 and low-light low-ISO photography??

We all know that CCD is for good light and CMOS is for poor lighting conditions, where we can amplify the light by turning up the ISO. Well this is not entirely true, and it highlights the fundamental differences in the two technologies.

The key here is amplification CMOS needs a certain amount of light to work, otherwise the amplified signal can't be differentiated from its rather noisy dark state. In other words 10 X 1 = 1, but give the sensor 2 and 2 x 10 = 20 in which case the background noise of 1 is a fraction of the amplified signal. by comparison the CCD has say a dark noise of 0.2 so up to the CMOS threshold, it is better.

When the ambient light is good enough, the CCD's don't require so much amplification and their quiet noise levels come back in to the game.

So for tripod work in low light situations give your D200 a try!  You might be surprised.

This photograph made me realise that if the camera is bolted down you can shoot at base ISO at some surprisingly low shutter speeds. John

Absolutely excellent point and excellent demonstration.

I was thinking of trying the same thing, but haven't gotten around to it.

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