Serious G15 bugs

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Re: Serious G15 bugs

Dale Buhanan wrote:

I agree with you eric. I feel the same way for the same reasons. I was not trying to convince you to shoot RAW. I was only trying to explain to the OP why he was seeing what he was seeing and what he could do about it. But for me, I also shoot jpg most of the time and only occasionally shoot RAW if the shot is very important and I want to have more latitude for exposure and WB correction in post. But for most of my G15 shooting I shoot jpg.

I did bump up the sharpness, contrast and color saturation one notch in custom colors, and backed down skin tone one notch so that skin color was not over-saturated. I like the results I get with my camera set up this way for most things.

I don't often shoot at full wide either, prefering longer zoom for most shots, so I rarely run into the problem the OP was concerned about. However, I have bumped my head on it from time to time and either switch to RAW +jpg for those shots that need it, or else over-frame so that it will turn out where I want it to be.

I own a G5, G6, G9, G12 and the G15. Of all the G series, the G15 is the fastest and the best of the bunch IMHO. I am quite fond of the little guy. Of course for my more demanding stuff I also own a similar string of DSLR's. Too much gear really, if such a thing is possible... LOL

Dale -

I've chopped all the early stuff as we don't want to go over that again...   but Oops!..I wasn't really saying or intending to say that you were trying to sway me onto was just a bad way of putting it.. but I think it seems we both realize the merits of the G15 on JPG's anyway ...
I've used so many of this type now that I just setup a new one as I've always done for yonks and then (again as I've always said..)  it's getting a good composition that I believe makes the pic to a great extent..cameras are DUMB of course and if they are not SHOWN exactly what you want they just don't make the pic right.. 
But I must say... it IS so easy to have too much gear. Advances are fast nowadays and a new camera is often a better camera - so we are swayed towards it. Frankly I often look at some of my old pics and wonder WHY I ever changed...I'll swear a lot are as good as I get now - some cases.. I've got a stack of "discarded" cameras..both P&S type (better ones..) and several good M4/3 ones that gave me a lot of pleasure.. alas most I now see being offered at what seem silly prices so I just hang on..a few go to younger generation in the family..most I just can't yet find a good home for.
I've even got my original G1 which on reflection I had a lovely time with - then jumped a BIG lot to the G7 (now with grand-daughter)..then a G9 (still got..waiting for said grand-daughter I suspect..)  ..then I never liked the bulkier ones after it until I got my hands by pure chance on the G15..and bought it within a week.. 
I sometimes think the expense of cameras is worse than the same on cars during a lifetime !! .. but for me I guess it just keeps my mind alive a bit longer .. and I don't need a lot now that I'd have spent on some years ago...
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