Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Per-pixel comparisons are meaningless...

SubPrime wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Except, at the same AOV and DOF, the 16-35 / 2.8L II on a 5D2 outperforms the 10-22 / 3.5-4.5 on a 50D.

Again, that's because you are not seeing the corners.

The Nikon 14-24G had legendary status for it's corner sharpness (even at 24 mpx) until the D800 came along and revealed softness in corners.

Except the 14-24 / 2.8G on a D800 outresolves any other body using the lens. Weird, huh?

Not really. Every other body has less mpx. Pretty obvious.

The reason the TSE17 has received such rave reviews is because it is so sharp corner to corner.

The 16-35 / 2.8L II at 16mm f/8 resolves as well as the 17 / 4L TSE at f/8 when not using the special TSE functionality

Not in the corners and no, it as nothing to do with TSE functionality. Used stright up as a normal lens the 17 / 4L TSE at f/8 surpasses the16-35 / 2.8L II.

but the point here is that most aren't looking for such a lens

You couldn't be more wrong. Anyone looking to buy such a high res camera will be shooting landscapes and fashion, both of whom will demand corner to corner sharpness.

that the corners matter only when stopped down if only for DOF reasons

Wrong again. Even the best lenses will have to be stopped down to f5.6- f8 to provide adequate image quality.

And, you know what? Add more pixels, and the resolution will only increase, never decrease.

True, but so will the visibility of imperfections. As I pointed out, the 1--24 looks tack sharp in the corners on a 24mpx D3X, but is soft on a D800.

...for photos made from different numbers of pixels.  In any case, rather than rebut you point-by-point (obviously a "pointless" exercise), I'll just ask you a single, and simple, question:

Would a landscape photographer produce "better" photos with FF or APS-C, or does it not matter at all?

Let us know.

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