A58/A57 raw 800iso

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Re: A58/A57 raw 800iso

brian14478 wrote:

artlmntl wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Afterwards he described two files that were treated equally, so I looked at those. There is a difference with the A58 shot looking much better, but the difference seems too large... and there was at least one difference in the way the two samples were photographed. I don't think it's wise to come to final judgment on the real life advantage of the A58's image quality based on this or any other single comparison. A wider sampling of comparisons will eventually clear the air.

I'm not convinced there is a wide difference.


That's the same comparison session that we've seen so often, presumably done by the same person and subject to the same possible flaws, like using two different lenses. Any meaningful evaluation has to wait for a wider sampling of test data.

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