Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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It is a "My Passort Essential," part number WDBAKCX0010BBK. It has a very plain black case with very little written on it other than serial number type of stuff. I bought it for $40 from Craigslist 2½ years ago from a lady (apparently not very computer literate) who thought it was a 500G and said she decided SD cards were enough storage room (whatever). She made out like she had barely used it, but it could be it had already seen quite a bit of usage at that time, because it had quite a bit of "scuff" marks on it (it sure does now anyway). I was just inclined to think I had gotten a steal because back then a 1T portable HD typically went for $100 or so. It's always been as a "backup" to the main or for my wife to use, as I've never networked the "main" one. (She typically doesn't CREATE anything new on it, it's a replication of what resides on my main drive so she can view the photos & play the video clips I've downloaded.)

The hard drive, in its enclosure, looks like this (you'll probably have to click "view original size"):

It looks almost exactly like this, except the WD logo on mine is "scuffed" enough to be barely visible.

The hard drive itself, outside of the case, looks exactly like this (you'll probably have to click "view original size"):

I removed the internals from the casing, the hard drive itself has the numbers WD10TMVW - 11ZSMS1 on the label. I found this thread ( with a photo and it looks just like that (that's the photo, above). Unlike other full-sized externals, which have a LOT of electronics in the case attached to a full-sized drive, this one has just a plastic shell around what you see as the "case," I suppose the circuit box somewhat attached to the hard drive is what people are talking about when they refer to the hard drive's circuit board.

Since I only paid $40 for it and I have another much newer 1T Toshiba assuming its place, I've just moved on with that one. However, tips on resurrection are still appreciated as they may help me in other future cases, or if I ever later decide to try out such tips on this one in a "guinea pig" experimental "learn by doing" fashion.

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