Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

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Re: Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

Aaron Sur wrote:

Hi Ron,

Thanks for replying.A couple of items that are not mentioned are the spot meter in the XZ-1 which I find pretty useful when the lightg gets tricky, and in the harsh australian sun I use the ND filter quite a bit , kind of like sunglasses over the sensor, just seems to work better. BTW I don't bother shooting a Raw+jpeg anymore the camera edit function can do a conversion if you need th image from the card and with the new Microsoft codecs the ORF files display fine in Windows. With OLY viewer I set up the conversion parameters as I want and save these so they can be applied to batches of images, kind of like going to a custom lab in the old days who develops the negatives the way you want them .

I hear you about the Rollei they are special, Carl Zeiss of Jena knew how to design lenses. There was a 24K Gold plated 35S 60th anniversary model on ebay recently. I have a model from the other mob Jos.Schneider of Kreuznach, German Kodak from the late 50's still works fine.



Aaron, again thanks. My first camera was a Kodak Signet. I believe it had a Schenider lens. Was built like a tank. Sadly, was stolen in a Chicago train station. Cut right off my neck. Shortly thereafter I got a Retina when my father in law replaced it. That was my dream camera at the time. Unfortunately, the bellows were so shot it would cost me more than the camera to get it repaired. That's about when I got the Rollei, at one of those NY places near Grand Central station that had a million cameras in the window. I had been looking at them and found the price was right. It is the only film camera I the time I got it I was into a Nikkormat (also stolen, in London), replaced by an Oly system (also stolen, from my Connecticut house) and then by a Pentax one which lasted til digital. Since then it has been Oly all the way except for a little Canon digital and my Panasonic/Lumix. Oh, I think you can see why I travel with relatively inexpensive cameras, with a backup tucked away somewhere.

Thanks for notes about camera memory and ND filter. Since my forthcoming trip will be the Nevada Sierra foothills, Colorado mountains, and Northern California Bay Area (where I spend a lot of time) I will give the filter a run. I do have one for my Oly dslrs. I'll look into the codec situation.

I get the feel that like me, you like to squeeze as much as you can out of relatively simple tools. There's nothing I enjoy more than a good image from one of my modest cameras. By and large that requires more thought and it all takes me back to my old film days when I might spend a week in the UK with just 2 36ex rolls of K2. Was a killer when not spooled up properly......Ouch.

I'm still getting to learn the XZ-1 and will put some images on my website after some travel in the next few days.

I had mentioned luck with wide angle converter and fisheye. On further examination the converter (a Bower cheapie) loses too much sharpness near the edges, but the fisheye, an Opteka, holds up. Paid fifty or sixty bucks for that five or six years ago.



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