Nikon D7100 as a backup/second camera

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Re: why are you asking?

I ask this because you already bought a D7100, so I would say stick with what you got, you made a fine decision since you already bought one. Are you saying you can still return it and that is why you are asking? To answer your question directly, I'd say yes, it would make a great backup to the D3S, however, not as good as a D400 would.

As I am looking to upgrade soon, I'm waiting until the August/September announcements to see if there is a D400, which I believe there will be. At that time, I will decide whether I buy a D400, D800, D600, D7100 or nothing this cycle. Right now, alll of these bodies are compelling, but none of the available cameras is "enough" for me to upgrade from my D7000/D300 combo today. I'm hoping the D400 is everything I want it to be as I expect it will be. If no D400 comes in the next year, I'll re-evaluate the existing options in February.

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