Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: Do you typically shoot in P or M?

Mostly S, most of the rest is split between A and M, depends on the camera though.  With a non-recall camera (EG D300/D200) I used A for "fast shutter" by maxing aperture and locking a high minimum shutter in auto-iso and S for "slow shutter" to dial in motion blur for panning, allowing me to quickly fiddle the dial between the two modes to change shutter speed instead of spinning the dial and hoping I remember to spin it the right direction, I always have a hard time with the "in finder" indicators so I prefer to have the camera set to the simplest way to switch between two different settings.  Which is why I love the D7k/D600 I shoot with now, U1/U2 take care of these needs even more elegantly.  If I want to do something funky like shoot into strongly backlit or evening shots i'll go M and meter to a point that is true to "background" so when I'm shooting into the lights I still get a good exposure on the car.  As you can probably tell I shoot mainly motorsports, and some air shows, when I'm shooting anything else I tend to stick with A mostly, and P is primarily if I'm going to hand someone my camera.

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