D600 - Is this ok?

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Re: D600 - Is this ok?

You may already know this but when you look at your image on the screen the left side is the left side on the sensor and same, of course, for the right side being on the right side---but---the image is upside down, so the swarm that you see in the (if I remembered correctly)  upper L/H is really in the lower L/H part of the sensor as you physically look into your camera----ron s.

gvidal wrote:

Thanks for the info! After the summer, if the number of spots continues to increase, I'll bring it to Nikon for a pro cleaning (or whatever they usually do). Of course, in the long run, I plan to start cleaning it myself, that's sure. The static brush seems like a quick solution (if it works), I'll give it a try.

ron_9 wrote:

No lens would ever show like this. You can put scratches, fingerprints, etc. on a lens , it needs to be almost opaque(and large, a couple of mm) before you'll notice it and it wouldn't show up like this at all, but as a smear/blur.

To the OP, first off no one shoots at F22(except to see this) and do you see it on your negatives as a grayish blob, if you do, it is the shadow of a minute specK of dust. 'WET CLEAN", ALSO GET A STATIC BRUSH, and rocket blower and learn to use them. Leave your sensor clean to operate on both start up and shut down, keep your camera pointed down when changing lenses and have the rear caps off you lens ,to change, already off and ready to go on--make it quick.

It is a fact of life, but I must say that after the D300 and onto the d800's I shoot now I have found as long as I leave in on clean for start up and shut down I haven't had to clean and I shoot mostly outdoors. If one should appear it usually disappears quickly and if presistent I use the static brush first and if pesky then wet clean----ron s.

wf1 wrote:

OR, your lens was dirty?

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