I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

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Re: I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

All in one zoom? Yup, I'd suggest the Panny 14-140 (I have it) or the Oly 14-150 (don't have it, it is rated slightly lower by others). The 14-140 is relatively expensive, holds second-hand value well (optimised for video), and has in-lens OIS which you don't need on your E-PL2. *But* it is a substantial piece of glass.

If you want something much lighter and smaller, the Oly 12-50 (I have it) has equivalent IQ IMHO and its macro mode is *really* useful if you're ever tempted by a flower or a close-up of something you see while travelling.

I've not noticed the Panny 14-45 (I have it) having better IQ than the 14-140 or the 12-50, but maybe my copy isn't perfect. Equal, but not better. Either the 14-140 or 12-50 would be more flexible...

Actually, one way or the other I've run some Oly mft (12-50, 17/1.8, 45/1.8, 60/2.8), almost the whole range of Panny mft (but not X), various Pentax glass in the past, and the Oly 4/3 14-54 and 50-200. I find I can get them all to give me pleasingly acceptable IQ (I do small prints, and share via the Web with family) after a half-minute with Lightroom (smile). Oh, except for the Panny Leica 25/1.4. That one is really rather special...

If you think contrast is an issue for you, I've used Martin Evening's LR technique,


Check out Eliean Donnan Castle on page 2 of his post.  It rescued my Panny 45-200 snaps (easily the worst of my Panny lenses at its long end) time and again from this kind of poor contrast.

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