Serious G15 bugs

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Re: Serious G15 bugs

Dale Buhanan wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

That sounds very odd to me... I've very recently started shooting both RAW+JPG since I just wanted to see if indeed I COULD see or get any difference..I usually just find it quite unnecessary to shoot RAW - certainly with the excellent results I can get from my G15.

Just inspected carefully the pairs of pics I shot today and I simply cannot see ANY difference at all between the two - NONE of them look different.
Maybe in some odd way I'm shooting different type pics.. but what you say SHOULD be a 'generality' if it is the simply isn't so with mine.
I STILL love the G15 and in fact I think I like it better than the G1X.. in spite of a few advantages in the latter.. fact is the PICS I get from the G15...SO easily in any circumstances .. are just so good.

Hi Eric,

When you shoot in RAW + jpg, correctiions are not applied to the jpg. It is simply the converted jpg with no corrections of any kind applied. So the pair would look identical as you have seen. But if you shoot jpg only and RAW only, then you can see the corrected difference.

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kind regards

Dale -

Thanks for that note - of course it explains WHY I see no difference...  but it does absolutely nothing to convince me that shooting RAW - at least for my kind of pics AND what may well be MY kind of general lighting conditions I invariably encounter in our general conditions - RAW gives me absolutely nothing (in almost all cases) better .. and takes probably 3 times as long to edit..compared to what is probably all of one minute or so (!!) for most of my JPG's I can get from my lovely G15 friend .. frankly I wish I'd never bought the G1X and would happily sell it for a half-decent price.   LOVE this G15 !!

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Staffordshire, UK

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