A58/A57 raw 800iso

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Re: A58/A57 raw 800iso

A few things wrong with this:

1) confirmation bias. Are you looking for make one particular one "win", to make yourself feel happy choosing a camera you probably already want to "win"?

2) imaging-resource is inaccurate sometimes. In particular I found A57 vs A58 showing certain part of the image being sharper in one area, and then sharper for the opposing camera in another area. So, when people see text come out hazier in one, on that bottle for instance, it is not because of the camera, but because of the test having been made inaccurately. The focus was off. Ever so slightly, but enough where people can use it for cherry picking.

3) image scaling automatically applies a noise reduction, sharpening, and enhancing effect, that naturally is the result of the image scaling algorithm used. For instance, if one were to take an A58 image, scale it down to A57 resolution and look side by side, the A58 image looks better. And that is because the A58 one then has undergone this enhancing effect. Scaling both images down to a medium resolution, makes that unfair advantage go away. One could scale the A57 image up and see how suddenly the A58 doesn't come far out ahead at all. Suddenly that higher dynamic range and low light sensitivity of the A57 (supposedly anyway) starts to count.

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