Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

larrytusaz wrote:

I did try that, same result, but still, thanks for bringing that up, you never know.

It just surprises me that it would fail so SUDDENLY, with no warning of any kind.

I've experienced dozens of drive failures over the years. Sudden failure is the norm. A lot of times you can hear them when they go down.

My current server backup strategy is a batch file that has these lines:

xcopy "d:\*.*" "e:\full" /c /d /s /e /h /r /y

attrib d:\*.* -e /s

This copies everything on D into the folder on E and resets the archive bit.

Then I use this batch file:

xcopy "d:\*.*" "e:\incremental" /d /d /s /e /h /r /y /m

This copies everything that changes.

I put the date in the folder name and do about a month of incremental backups, then switch the drive and do a new full.

At home I've got a hodge podge of stupid systems. Between all of them I probably have enough redundancy, but I should probably switch to the batch file system. The only real downside to it is remembering to do it, but a clever person could probably script it.

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