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Re: 17" MacBook Pro

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Since I have been trying to decide on a new Mac system to replace my current PC I have looked at some of the online retailers and found that there are 17" MacBook Pros out there for sale. I know that Apple no longer markets a 17" MacBook Pro so I assume these are all older models - either new (never sold) or refurbished.

I was wondering why the 17" model disappeared. Was it too expensive? Or did it have technical problems? Or is Apple having a hard time upgrading the Retina screens to that size? Since I would like a larger laptop (my current PC is 15") the 17" screens are appealing but I don't think I would want to buy something that no longer is available from Apple. But I have been wondering why it is no longer being sold. Does anyone know?


We have two 17" MBPs in our household and the are still used every day an are great machines. Nothing wrong with the. In fact I recently had the hard drive increased in mine to 750GB. I also have the latest/largest iMac bu my MBP is far from being dumped. For a start it has a disc burner which Apple seem to think no one needs any more. I do.

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