Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

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Re: Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

There are some potential good reasons for using it, quite apart from Paul Till's comment on composition.

First, you are wrong about needing a faster shutter speed if you use it.  Either in camera or in PP you are cropping the image (effectively getting the same FOV as a longer lens) so both techniques will show any shake equally.

Then there are two claimed advantages which could do with testing out

Fuji claim that there is some special interpolation going on when you use it, which is different from just cropping the image in PP and gives a better result.

Then, if you are using any area averaging technique for exposure, the important part of the image (presumably that which you are cropping down to) should set the exposure chosen by the camera.  So, as an example, if you crop out the sky using in camera digital zoom you should get better exposure of what would otherwise be a backlit subject.

Perhaps someone with time to spare could check (unfortunately I can't right now)


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