I want a better kit lens for travel...where to go?, please no primes...

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Dilemma I guess

Sorry to say that, but quality lens usually are more expensive, quite a bit bulkier and weight it also. Like for like that is, so your best bet would probably be the Oly 12-50 though its not compact and neither is it not expensive either.

That happen with the total M4/3 lineup anyway, though having numerous standard - tele zoom and some wide zoom too, they generally are all either casual hobbyist grade or they tend to be more directed to more up market ( up market as in M4/3 ways , not necessary photographic , say the Panny 12-35 is more about Video than for photography ) There is a total lack of mid ranga and better high end photographic optics bar a few fix focals.

So yes, come all this, its a question not unseen in other system also. If you use a Canon DSLR, I would suggest the 24-70/4.0, amd even if you are using Pentax I might still be able to suggest ( the 17-70/4.0 ), but since this is M4/3 I must say I have nothing that can compare. The Oly 12-50 being as close as it can get. And as you've stated, the Sigma 19mm and 30mm. Yes going fix focal usually is the quickest way to get to quality quick and with some speed to boost too.

Its funny with this one, I was just ( on this same surfing ) been arguing on other thread that M4/3 lacking lens of quality, and being blasted yet again for asking for that and come this very real world question. Seriously I do not see why there could not be a good mid range zoom like 12-48 or 14-70 at f/4.0. that could couple well with those tele zoom and even the 7-14/4.0 ( though I would say they should do perhaps a less aggressive 10-20/4.0 instead )

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