Serious G15 bugs

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Re: Serious G15 bugs

travelwalk wrote:

I bought this camera about a month before I went on a vacation. I tried it out on a variety of everyday situations, and it seemed to work reasonably well, although the viewfinder turned out to be even more worthless then mentioned in other reviews. The wide angle was less wide than my previous camera, but I thought it would be OK for most pictures. It wasn't until I started using it on my trip that I discovered that this camera has very serious flaws which are especially evident at long distance shots. When shooting at maximum wide angle, the LCD shows a wider field of view than the camera can actually photograph. Everything looks good on the LCD up to pressing the shutter button, but when the display comes up afterward, the result is cropped picture about 5-10% smaller on the LCD screen (and on the memory card) than was shown in the preview. If you try to take a near maximum width picture of a wide building, the sides get cut off. If you notice the cropping when the two second display comes up, in theory you can back up and take an overly large picture, but I found in many city situations the combination of the limited wide angle capability and this cropping made taking the picture of a moderately wide building or similar subject impossible. There was an even worse problem, however. Every so often I would take a carefully composed photo, and the the result would the a picture skewed up or down by about 20%, from what was shown in the viewfinder when I clicked the shutter. It turns out that you can carefully click the shutter, wait for the screen to go dark and the shutter sounds to complete, but apparently the camera has still not captured the image. I found I had to wait and hold the camera steady for a couple of seconds or so after the shutter click to make sure the picture registered properly. To be really safe, you need to wait for the preview to come up and look at it carefully. Needless to say these problems are a disaster if you are taking any sort of action scene. I've never had this sort of problem with any other digital camera. Add to this the fact that picture contrast and color is in general mediocre without significant Photoshopping makes me think I made an expensive mistake on this camera. Hopefully this can be fixed with a firmware upgrade.

What is happening is that the camera is applying lens distortion correction in camera to your photos.  When you correct barrel distortion, which the lens has at wide angles, you lose the absolute outer edges in the distortion correction process.  PT lens does the same thing.

There are two fixes for this:  1)  You can shoot RAW and get exactly the image you captured on the sensor out of the camera for post processing.  And, 2)  You can frame somewhat larger knowing that there will be distortion correction if you want to shoot in jpg.

If you understand the camera and how to get the best out of it, it is still one of the best on the market.  I love mine.

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