What manual focus 135mm f2.8 do you have?

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Sudo Nimh Regular Member • Posts: 281
Chose Super Takumar 135mm/3.5 over Nikkor-Q 135mm/2.8

I'm stretching your question to let me recommend the Super Takumar 135mm/3.5, with M42 mount. I sold my Nikkor-Q 135mm/2.8 because it was so soft wide open, and the images from both lenses were comparable at f/4.

The Super Tak's handling was far superior. Not only is it smaller and lighter, but its action is smooth, while my Nikkor 135 had a tight focus ring that made manual focus a chore. I've read similar complaints from other users of old Nikkor 135s.

You can find sample images on flickr that are much better than what I could post.

I don't want to bash the Nikkor, because its images were beautiful when it wasn't wide open. But I had a hard time finding any significant difference in image quality between the Nikkor and the Takumar, while the difference in handling was significant.

Note that my Nikkor was an old, pre-AI version. I would expect newer Nikkors, Ai and Ai-S versions, to have smoother focusing.

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