Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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Re: Do you typically shoot in P or M?

ARB1 wrote:

Of course most of us seasoned folks shot M growing up since that's all there was, but with the advancements in photographic technology I wonder if folks are shooting in M far less. I'm currently reading 'Understanding Exposure', and while I used M a good bit I'm going start shooting more in M to take back control of my camera and shooting.

So I was just wondering how many folks shoot M almost exclusively?

The problem with 'Understanding Exposure' is that the author doesn't understand exposure. The real base question is what are you trying to adjust exposure for. That book, and most people here change exposure to change image brightness, and that is how the UI of most cameras (including the auto modes) are designed. the trouble with it is, in a digital world it doesn't make much sense ( that does not mean that I am suggesting that anyone who likes working that way doesn't have the perfect right to do so). In a digital world the optimum exposure is the biggest that you can get, subject to all your pictorial constraints (DOF, motion blur) and the best way to get that is simply to set the maximum aperture and minimum shutter speed that you can (so long as you don't saturate the sensor) and the only way really to do that is M mode.

Now, if your aim when adjusting exposure is to adjust JPEG image brightness, and you'll always do just what the camera suggests, then no point not taking out the middleman and using an auto mode.

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