Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

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Re: Is digital zoom a worthless gimmick?

PAUL TILL wrote:

I find it very useful, I get to see my subject 2 times larger in the EVF/LCD so I can compose my shot easier. I shoot RAW + JPEG so I always have the RAW file to work with and that obviously stays at the proper size as the digital TC doesn't affect the RAW file.

The shot below is the RAW file converted to JPEG so I can show it here, shot at 300mm which is 600mm equivalent on micro 4/3rds.

This shot is the JPEG with the 2X digital TC turned on 1200mm equivalent. Straight out of the camera.

This one is a crop of the RAW file in CS5.

As you can see the shot with the digital TC turned on is not bad, remember that is a SOOC JPEG I'm sure it would look even better with a little PP.

So, is digital zoom worthless? I say no, it can be very useful.

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Very nice shots, all three. I will have to give this function a try.

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