HP Printers?

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Re: HP Printers?

mgatov wrote:

One thing that Epson printers have over all others is the ability to clog their print heads and require cleaning cycles which suck up the fabulously expensive ink. Every Epson printer that I've ever owned had its heads clog up and become useless. HP and Canon put their print heads on the ink cartridges.

I too would like HP to be a viable competitor to Canon and Epson, but find that they don't separate their ink colors as much. If you want fine gradation, you are really locked into those two. And of those two, the only one I would consider is Canon.

Funny, that I am currently operating 13 Epson and 2 Canon printers. No problems with ANY of them.
If you just use them rather than letting them sit for weeks unused they would not clog.

Yes, Canon and HP have the advantage of user replaceable print heads but guess what, they will also clog from non use or dry environment.


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