14-42 + 40-150 + $$ for 14-140 or 14-150

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Re: 14-42 + 40-150 + $$ for 14-140 or 14-150

bradevans wrote:

I have the 14-42 and 40-150 coupled with my G5.

Wondering if anyone has sold off these two and moved to the Panny 14-140 or the Oly 14-150. My main motivation would be convenience of the 10x as an everyday walkaround lens, one lens left on vs two and having to change.

Any perspectives on image quality would be appreciated. Also is the $680/$600 simply the price of convenience or is a better lens too?

I have not owned the 14-140 but have been considering the newer version.

It's hard to find particularly usable technical comparisons, but the summary seems to be that it's about as good as the kit lenses. It has a bit more vignetting and CA but those are easily corrected (automatically, even, on a Panasonic body). Also, the Power OIS on the 14-140 should provide better stabilization than the Mega OIS on the kit lenses.

(Note that the older version gets somewhat badly soft in the corners/edges towards the long end. It also only has Mega OIS and is bigger and heavier. I'd say you want to avoid it versus the new version unless you get an exceptional deal.)

So the price really is mostly for the convenience, but that is worth something. After all, convenience is basically the point of zooms and a superzoom gives you, well, super convenience ;-).  Consider, if you will, that you are recording a performance and from your seat capturing most of the stage would require ~30mm and a close up of an actor would require ~80mm.  That splits your zoom range so you might as well just put on the 45mm prime and get what you can.  Also, note that the 14-140 is only a little larger and heavier than the 45-150, so it's a decent savings over a two lens kit.

Is it worth it?  Eh...  It's ultimately pretty style dependent.  Personally, I tend to walk around with a prime because the better quality and speed more than make up for the missed shots due to lack of zoom, so I'd rather put the money towards something that offers more than more flexible zooming.

If (slow) zooms are more your style, though, it would be a good investment.  However, it sounds like you only have the dual lens kit thus far...  I would therefore recommend getting a prime like the 20mm f/1.7 to see how much you like primes vs zooms.  It's a great little lens and quite cheap used on eBay right now, which means you wouldn't lose a lot if you wanted to sell it later.  Certainly the superzoom would remain a handy tool regardless of how you feel about primes, but if you do enjoy prime shooting you may want to save the money and keep the kit zooms.

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