sony a57 vs nikon d7000

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Re: sony a57 vs nikon d7000

I have both the d7000 and the a57. I initially bought the a57 because it was cheap. It was supposed to be the one camera body that I was going to abuse. The one camera that II can leave in a hot car trunk without remorse. It had since become my favorite camera and I use it 90 percent of the time.
ItIt all depends on what you are shooting. The Nikon is clinically sharper more often. I think because of the better 39 point autofocus instead of the only 3 cross points on the a57. But th a57e pictures come out real sharp but with colder colors. It is also bigger and heavier. I prefer the a57 because I mostly take pictures of my kids. For some reason people look better through Minolta glass. That warm Minolta colors are nicer imho.imho. The 10 fps and the seemless transition from evf to live view is useful when shooting at their eye level. Another benefit is the much better pdaf on video vs the cdaf on the d7000 which is very handy when chasing fast kids. Finally, having 7x magnification for manual focus adjustment was big for me . The only down side for either of these great cameras is that I can't use any of my legacy glass on them like my Nex.

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