Why aren't there any compact fullframe zoom cameras?

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Re: Because they are not easy to make

Mark B. wrote:

Don't forget shallow depth of field for separating subject from background, as well as much higher ISO with less noise.

Both are mainly properties of the lens system, not the sensor size. If you increase the sensor size and pick a lens with the same equivalent focal length (= same field of view) without increasing the effective lens diameter (= true focal length divided by f-number), you will get the same DOF and noise. No improvement there. But you will get improved dynamic range.

So, for a crop camera, multiply BOTH the focal length and the f-number with the crop factor, and the result will be the focal length and the f-number for the full frame camera which would give you the same DOF and noise (assuming equal sensor technology).

This exercise has already been done earlier in the thread, and it showed that there are several pocketable cameras on the market today which are on par with the lens data for the Olympus model in the OP. But they probably have much better lens quality than that Olympus did.

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