Why I love my D200

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Re: Why I love my D200

Stacey_K wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

The D7000 needs -0.3EV on a shot like this - if you view the histogram (attached) you will see that the red channel is blown, which of course helps to turn red to pink or magenta.

It's not blown from over exposure, if that was the case the white door in the sunlight would be blown.

The doorway in the background is not as bright, luminance-wise, as the flowers in the foreground.  Hover over it with your cursor and take the readings, then compare with the flowers.

Here is 1/3 under and that mid tone is still blown, now you have an underexposed, flat, unsaturated image that still has blown a mid tone red.

What do you mean, 1/3 under?

How can you have a "blown" mid-tone?

Do you have a RAW file?  I can easily show you from that.

You do understand this blown red is a mid tone and not a blown highlight correct? I agree the red channel is blown but it's not from exposure and it's not from it being a overly saturated image.

The red is blown from over-expsoure in the D7000 image.  Here, for comaprison sake, is the D200 in ViewNX2:

The blue channel has crushed lowlights - all other channels are clear at both ends, although the red channel is just starting to get ready to clip at the highlight end.

Note that this is the same information that the in-camera histogram will show.

By comparison, the D7000 image shows definite highlight clipping of the red channel, while the blue channel shows lowlight clipping again. Lowlight clipping is usually nowhere near as critical to IQ for this sort of shot as highlight clipping is.

This is how it would show up in the in-camera histogram as well, and is meant to be a warning to reduce exposure, in this case 0.3EV would be enough.

Any red channel clipping will lead to reds becoming pink or magenta instead of being the rich red colour they are meant to be.

I don't mind if you like the D200, it produces a different tonal distribution to the later CMOS cameras, such as the D700.

However, since there is nothing wrong with your D7000 shot except:

1) slight over-expsoure of the R channel

2) a less pleasing red in the background due to pallette selection

May I then suggest that you retake the pics with the D700 at -0.3EV or whatever setting it takes to avoid channel clipping?

DPR reviews point out that the later 5000 and 7000 series cameras tend to clip highlights if not watched carefully and adjusted as required.  That's not so much a fault as a condition which is user avoidable by EV compensation.

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