Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

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Re: Thoughts about XZ-1 settings please

Hi Ron,

Thanks for replying.A couple of items that are not mentioned are the spot meter in the XZ-1 which I find pretty useful when the lightg gets tricky, and in the harsh australian sun I use the ND filter quite a bit , kind of like sunglasses over the sensor, just seems to work better. BTW I don't bother shooting a Raw+jpeg anymore the camera edit function can do a conversion if you need th image from the card and with the new Microsoft codecs the ORF files display fine in Windows. With OLY viewer I set up the conversion parameters as I want and save these so they can be applied to batches of images, kind of like going to a custom lab in the old days who develops the negatives the way you want them .

I hear you about the Rollei they are special, Carl Zeiss of Jena knew how to design lenses. There was a 24K Gold plated 35S 60th anniversary model on ebay recently. I have a model from the other mob Jos.Schneider of Kreuznach, German Kodak from the late 50's still works fine.



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