Why I love my D200

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Trevor G wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

OK people keep asking for examples of why I like the output of this camera over my D7000 at base iso. I know I "just do" but today shot some red flowers on my front porch with both cameras, same lens, same tripod and picked two shots that had the same tonal curve as an example. The D200 normally needs +1/3 stop exposure comp in my experience and the two shots with the exact same exposure made the D7000 look even worse. Please don't C&C the shot, this was just a quick point the camera at some begonias picture.

It's a great shot for comparison purposes.

The D7000 needs -0.3EV on a shot like this - if you view the histogram (attached) you will see that the red channel is blown, which of course helps to turn red to pink or magenta.

It's not blown from over exposure, if that was the case the white door in the sunlight would be blown. Here is 1/3 under and that mid tone is still blown, now you have an underexposed, flat, unsaturated image that still has blown a mid tone red. You do understand this blown red is a mid tone and not a blown highlight correct? I agree the red channel is blown but it's not from exposure and it's not from it being a overly saturated image.

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