The Amazing D200.

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Re: Deja Vu for you? Clarity for others...

jimoyer wrote:

I appreciate the do know you said the exact same thing back on page 5 of this?

I decided to upload the evidence.

Surely, if there was a worthwhile difference, you would point it out to me?'re right.  We're all nuts, blind, clueless or a combination there of.  Hell, my wife's been telling me that for years!

Kidding aside, I understand.  You don't see the difference.  We're just running in circles here and while I can't speak for anyone else, I'm done.

You could take a little time to circle the points which are different...

As an aside, I believe its customary here to at least afford the photographer/owner of an image the courtesy of asking them to download and alter their images before you do so.

When images are displayed for artistic purposes it is customary to not alter them unless invited.

When images are displayed for technical purposes, such as here, I believe there is no rule to prevent displaying them in a manner designed to enhance their impact, that is, to crop and display at 100%, to adjust exposure and so on.

It's not a huge issue here as those images were just a quick snap shot showing OOC output at identical aperture and shutter speed (and lens), but you did it with Tracey's images as well in another thread too.  Some people get upset by that.

When images are displayed for technical evaluation it is customary that those commenting on them do so by cropping, displaying at 100% and so on without permission.  I believe it is called fair usage, in just the same way that a reviewer or commentator could quote from a DPR article without permission, but could not use substantial parts of it without permission.

Enjoy your Fuji's.  They're great cameras.

I have Nikons as well.  Thanks.

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