Nikon Australia, Nikon D7100

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Sammy Yousef
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Fine by me if they don't want to sell me a camera

ZorSy wrote:

So Nikon Australia, shame on you - I know it's just playing game with the supply (again, according to a "friend of the friend", there is nothing wrong with D7100 stock, it's there but supplied on the droplet).

Nikon Australia lost me some time ago. I'm sure there will be someone willing to defend these shoddy business practices and make all kinds of excuses for Nikon Australia, but you know what....bottom line: If you don't want to sell me a camera, that's FINE by me. I'm hoping to look at a D7100 around Christmas. If they can't supply or their prices are ridiculous I'll be happy to go grey. And if you block grey market, I'll finally be forced to go with another manufacturer. STUFF 'EM.

And shame not just on Nikon Australia but on Nikon HQ in Japan for allowing their brand to be represented in this way.

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