Do you typically shoot in P or M?

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You can get (mostly) what you want out of any mode..

ARB1 wrote:

Of course most of us seasoned folks shot M growing up since that's all there was, but with the advancements in photographic technology I wonder if folks are shooting in M far less. I'm currently reading 'Understanding Exposure', and while I used M a good bit I'm going start shooting more in M to take back control of my camera and shooting.

So I was just wondering how many folks shoot M almost exclusively?

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I too grew up with manual only.. soon got used to A when it became available and use that for probably 90% of my photography.

I said that you can get mostly what you want from all of the modes..

P mode is derided as a 'don't let the camera dictate to me' mode. However most cameras employ P shift which gives you all of the permutations that A and S can achieve in the same ISO/light levels (and lens aperture min/max constraints)

regarding M mode: this is usually touted as Pro mode. However if the photographer is still 'match needling' with the meter (all the time) what is Pro about that? A Pro knows when to ignore the meter and just use it as a base to use his/her judgement on.

As long as you can set Exp comp at will what does it matter which you use?  I use easy Exp comp on the rear wheel of my cameras and stick to A mode mainly. If I come to situations where the Exp comp limits are reached.. of course, then manual mode is the only way to go. Studio flash work is all manual for me as the exposures all generally led by the lighting ratios.

Some good replies here.. good thread for many.. thanks for posting it.

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