Any advice for my next purchase - what goes with K5 II?

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Re: Any advice for my next purchase - what goes with K5 II?

Hello photopastor,

Apparently I'm in the other camp, because I'd suggest getting the BG grip. Not so much for the extra battery (although it is handy, especially on a long trek or when you're away from a place to charge up) but for the handling of the body.

Pentax bodies are among the smallest APS-C cameras on the market. Yes, they have excellent ergonomics and the controls are logically-placed, but my lower 2 fingers don't fit on the vertical part of the body, they rest uncomfortably under the lower plate. My hands aren't unusually large, either, normal, I'd say. The BG provides the perfect placement for my entire right hand on the side of the camera, not the bottom. This results in a steadier grip with all lenses, especially longer or heavier zooms. It honestly allows slower shutter speeds than I can achieve without the grip. That may sound unrealistic, I can only say try it and see.

Shooting vertical orientation is much easier and more comfortable with the grip and all the main controls including shutter release, on/off/DOF switch, Ev button, ISO button, AE-L, green button and AF button, plus both thumbwheels are duplicated on the grip for easy use in vertical.

Plus an extra battery and spare SD compartment.

You can always remove the grip when 'going light' but it's proven invaluable to me! YMMV.


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