Does the Epson R3000 reset program reset waste ink pad counter?

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Re: Does the Epson R3000 reset program reset waste ink pad counter?

3LX wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Hopefully you are connected to a PC rather than a MAC as that driver would cause cleaning cycle after cleaning cycle.

I'm not sure I understand the statement above.

Which driver are you talking about?

The program I am talking about is this one and is the Epson service engineers adjustment program. It only operates on PC.

I would have to run it on my Mac through a virtual machine.

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Means exactly what I said. The MAC R3000 driver was causing cleaning cycles to be performed before every print job. A new MAC driver has apparently been issued and supposedly the problems was resolved.

So if you are on a PC you do not have nothing to worry about

Yes that is the adjustment program. But the link I gave you will also provide you with the same identical app and it's only $7!!!! plus about $4 shipping. ALL Adjustment programs are the same. They are what the EPSON engineers / service technicians use. They are not supposed to be circulated to the masses!


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