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An old story now...

So,  at the end I bought it just days before setting off to a 5 weeks holiday  - enough time to learn I needed a spare battery and get my ways through the menus.

I turned out HN was a best place to get it, dropped the price by AU$200, claimed GST when leaving country - all good. It's a great camera in every way, even my old  Tamron 11-18 performed well (despite expectations it wouldn't). Some 7000 shots and several hours of movies  later  and it still is, if not even better.

I don't know why this tread resurfaced 2 months later. Nevertheless, if I may suggest one thing: never, ever buy a new camera 2 days before going anywhere! I consider doing it well, though the difference between D80 and D7100 isn't that small.

To end up this tread, I'll just add one photo: D7100 take real  "film" photos and here is the proof. Should I post a question in other forum why my perforation isn't even or am I expecting too much?;-)


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