Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

qianp2k wrote:

As we see in Rick's D800E vs 5D3 test with Zeiss 35/2.0 lens, the difference is pretty small.

Not at 100% magnification, but downsized I agree.

Still not that big in Rick's test. But let's put this aside as at least very subjective as you read not just me but many others also said so.

I agree, but I think there is also the issue as to when and where the extra resolution can be practical. Prints of the entire image are unlikely to yield obvious differences, but prints of crops do.

DXO measured them both sets tied at 17 mpix that likely capped to MTF 50 (or 30).

Again, DXO is talking about perceived resolution, and there is no way the 2 images look the same resolution.

Yes but that probably cap to MTF 50 that is the most obvious to human eyes (perceptual sharpness). Read the two articles I quoted earlier, you will understand. However D800E also extend between MTF 50 and MTF 20 that still visible to human eyes till 100% but less obvious.

Yes, that's for the links.  They are excellent.

D800E has more resolution falls below the cap but above 20% of MTF so we still see a little more details when view at full-size but not that obvious.

Actually it is obvious if you don't downsize. More obvious if you use a decent raw converted line Capture One.

OK let's put this aside as we have discussed enough on it I am just trying to explain diminishing return.

Fair enough. I agree.

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