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Re: Beautiful image…which lens? (no text)

jimoyer wrote:

The D7100 image definitely shows more detail but I've been surprised by the real world difference considering 10mp to 24mp although the D7100 files retain a huge amount of detail in cropping over the D200 images.

Color wise, it really doesn't show as clearly here as the original files do, but the D200 colors are much deeper and smoother than the D7100 files.  In fact it was strange sitting here looking at the two.

Thanks for posting, John.

The real issue here is exposure - the D7000 is over-exposed by at least 0.3 EV.

Once we normalise the 2 images exposure-wise, and crop so that they cover roughly the same area, it is really hard to spot the difference.  There are some detail differences, probably due to the fact that the focus point was different for the two images.

Correct exposure (I am not criticising you) makes a considerable difference.  Correcting in JPEG does not produce a perfect result (I would like the RAWs) - since DPR reviews show that many recent Nikons over-expose I would suggest that -0.3EV might be required as a rule.

I constantly check histograms when I am exposing in a new environment especially.

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