Why I love my D200

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Re: The D200 just gets it right without too much fiddling

Pangloss wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

You can't do anything in a raw file to fix this either.

Any chance of seeing the RAW file, please?

I use a different tool which will probably give a different result.

Of course it will give you a different result. But the point is that Stacey likes the output she gets from her D200 without having to use a different tool and without too much fiddling with a raw developer and curves, etc.

Perhaps you missed Stacey's comment above mine: "You can't do anything in a RAW file to fix this, either."

I like playing with RAW files - I'm always interested to see what happens in my experience.

I'm not asking Stacey to use a different tool - I would like to try a different tool myself, for my own practice and experience.

Also you should check the portrait that Stacey posted in the other thread, the skin tones are just perfect.

Actually, I prefer Fuji skin tones to Nikon, even on the D200. Fuji are a little warmer...but it's OK to be different.

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